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Wander is reopening!


Im excited to share with everyone that we will be reopening in a few weeks!
I know people have a lot of questions
& apologies for being very obscure about my future but a
lot has been going on…
I don’t really want to get into everything that has happened in the past 18 months as I only want to be positive and look ahead. But basically….When I announced Wander was closing in Sept, I was 100% ready to go home for good. I’d prepared the restaurant for sale & even showed the property to some agents. However our final months of service with all our amazing regulars made me realise this restaurant is my home and I was not ready to leave. 
The problem was to go apply from Aus there would be no guarantee that my visa would actually be granted, the wait time was a minimum of 24 weeks & if I was denied after I left the UK i was not allowed to return even as a tourist for over 2 years. I debated staying & waiting for my appeal to be processed but in Oct found out my mum had some health issues & I needed to return home to be with her whilst she underwent treatment. 
So coming back to the UK was never guaranteed & was actually a huge gamble. ( which is all very Wander ) I don’t want people to think I’ve been deceptive about closing/opening cause realistically there was a really high chance we wouldn’t reopen and if that did occur I wanted to have closed Wander properly and with no regrets. 
However fortunately my visa was granted a lot quicker than anticipated, I’m back in N16 and ready for Wander 3.0 (4.0 , 5.0 ? Who knows, I have had many stops and starts over the past 3 years… )
When I left I shut down everything in the event that I couldn’t return ( reservation system, wifi, phone, POS etc ) so it will take me a few weeks to get up and running and I will let everyone know via Insta and our newsletter as soon as I know.
In the meantime, I’m looking for staff! I’ll do a longer post about staffing soon but basically good food, good wine, good hours, good pay. Any FOH or Chefs who wanna come and play please send your CV to
I’m really looking forward to welcoming you back to Wander again soon!

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