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Help us build a Private Dining Room at Wander

After having been open for 11 months, Wander is now at the point that we are regularly full, so we we need to find a way to accomodate more guests. If you have dined with us when there is a large table in, you'd know it can get kinda noisy, so our plan is to build a private dining room downstairs. We will create a space that can accomodate up to 12 guests and allow the upstairs dining room to be solely for tables of 6 or less. Also included in our plan is a much needed revamp of our toilets. Because yes, every now and then the door on the right sticks and Alexis has to kick down the door ( although guests are rewarded with free wine.. ). And yes, the sink on the left is slowly falling off the wall... Every little bit helps, and if we raise our goal of £4000 we aim to complete the work and have the PDR available for bookings by mid January, just in time for Australia Day. You can find all the details of rewards at

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