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June 30, 2017

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June 25, 2017

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Wander x Sardegna

June 30, 2017

Taking a week to relax and research in Sardinia with my partner in crime Tiziana Brunzu. Sardinia has such an interesting and unique cuisine, that is so different to mainland Italy.

This is my most favourite find of this trip. 3 week old Pecorino Sardo. I have only eaten pecorino that is aged at least 6 months, but this one is so fresh, sweet and spongy. It comes from a small farm in the centre of the island and like so much of the good stuff in Italy you have buy direct from the farmer. Just booking 20kgs of baggage now to bring a few kgs back to London!


We were lucky enough to get a masterclass in culurgiones with Nonna di Tiziana. 84 years old and going strong! Culurgiones are a specialty of Sardinia. They are a ravioli made with a semolina/flour dough and then filled with a potato, pecorino and mint. It is quite an intricate fold that took me a couple of goes to get the hang of. We then ate them simply with butter, sage and bottarga. Traditionally they are also served with a fresh tomato sauce.  


Tiziana's mama runs a fresh pasta shop in Tempio Pausania and was so kind to bring me my favourite Sardinian sweet seadas. 

Seadas are semolina fried dumplings, filled with pecorino cheese and then drizzled with honey as soon as it comes out of the fryer. Mama mia they are so so so good.


Suckling pig roasted with mirto. The pig in Sardinia is incredible. Their fat is so delicious, it is so sweet and tastes of grass and sunshine. Mirto ( commonly known as myrtle ) plants grow all over the island, and the berries are used to make the extremely popular, and dangerous digestif mirto. Most families produce their own, and it can be either mirto rosso or bianco. However the mirto leaves are also used in cooking. After the suckling pig is roasted it is let to rest on a bed of mirto, and the heat from the pig steams the leaves and releases the aromats and flavour. 


 Obligatory spritz by the sea. It is a working holiday after all... Its incredible how popular Aperol spritz has become! Not even 2 years ago in London Tiziana and I has to scour supermarkets and off licenses to find a bottle of Aperol. However, not all spritz are created equally, with some having not enough prosecco, or even wine!!! A spritz has to be spritz! Consequently, we have dedicated many years of hard research into making the perfect spritz!


Bringing a taste of Sardinia back to London. 20kgs of cheese, oil and carasau, not to mention maybe a kg or two extra of me!

That is all for this trip to Sardinia but we will be back soon with an empty suitcase to bring back to Wander with more goodies for when we open! 





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